Ingredients :

  • 100gr of sugar
  • 10ml of liquid cream
  • 100gr of butter

Method :

Salted caramel spreadPut all the sugar in a sauce pan over high heat, and let the sugar melt while stirring (so it will not burn), and crushing the lumps, until the suger turn into a liquid brown caramel.

Add the sour cream using a spoon : add a spoon, mix, and do it again until you’ve put all the 10ml.

Add all the butter (that you had previously cut into cubes) at once and stir until it’s fully incorpated.

Pour your salted caramel spread into a jam, and let it cool down. If you want it creamy store it in the fridge, if you want it more liquid, let it outside. You can also reheat it in a water bath so you can use it as a grout.


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