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Un Pêcheur Rentre Du Boulot En Fin D’après-midi à U Bein

Myanmar – Mandalay and its area

Mandalay is a perfect Asian town : busy, noisy, polluted... Yet, spending a few days there was highly rewarding! Risking our lives zooming in the crazy traffic on two old semi automatic scooters, we've been able to visit the highlights…

Que Le Show Commence ! Les Balons S'élèvent Au Dessus Des Pagodes Au Lever De Soleil Sur Bagan

Myanmar – Wonderful Bagan

Wonderful Bagan... "What to write about Bagan that hasn't been written a hundred times?", we wonder, as we watch the mesmerising myriad of balloons floating dreamily in the soft pastel sky of dawn... Bagan and the sky As usual in…

Fantastique Coucher De Soleil Sur La Plaine De Pagodes De Mrauk U

Myanmar – Ngapali Beach and Mrauk U

On the road again! Our goal : the secluded Burmese Far-West. To reach it : 30 intolerable hours of crazy bus drive on chaotic dusty roads to the most occidental part of the country, two streets away from Bangladesh... Vamos…

Coucher De Soleil Sur Les Rizières Autour De Hpa An. Bienvenue Au Myanmar !

Myanmar – The south : Hpa An and the Golden Rock

Hello, Myanmar! Before we start making you drool over this stupendous country, we must inform you that our articles about it will be shorter than our usual travelogues... and will focus particularly on photography. Because Myanmar, dear friends, is a…

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