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Château De Vauban, Demeure Du Célèbre Maréchal

France – Morvan NP : nature and french History

We're in mid november 2017. A few month ago we've planned a weekend with our friend Léa who we met in 2014 during our trip in New-Zealand. We just started the restauration/preparation of an old 1995 4WD Land Rover displaying…

Coucher De Soleil Sur Les Gondoles De Venise

Italy – Wandering in Venice

A few month ago we decided to spend a long weekend wandering in Venice. The gorgeous millenal city was shivering in the heart of winter. Sometimes shy, draped in a thick coat of mist. Sometimes tearful, drowned under the rain.…

La Jameh Mosque De Kerman

Iran – Explore Kerman and the Lut desert

This is nearly the end of our amazing Iranian journey. Our last trip takes us to a city quite devoid of tourism, which is really strange considering how many geological and cultural wonders can be found there. Imagine the intricate…

Le Complexe Amir Chakhmaq De Yazd

Iran – In the streets of Yazd

Yazd, city of the desert... After spending a night camping in the desert of Varzaneh, we finally arrive in this magical town that seems to have grown out of sand. Yazd, sand city Our first impressions about Yazd (persian : یزد)…

Jeux D'eau Sur La Place Naqsh-e-jahan

Iran – Visiting the wonderful Isfahan

What would be a trip in Iran without a stay in Isfahan? One can find this gigantic city on the Iranian plateau, set deeply in the middle of a desert at 1500m high. Wandering in the heart of town, we…

De Retour à Ghalat, Iran

Iran – Hiking in Ghalat mountains

Since we started our Iranian tour, we have always chosen to visit cities. We have seen some of the most unique wonders of Tehran, then Shiraz and it now feels like we ought to take a break from cities and…

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