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En Face Du Pic De Madrès - Pyrénées Catalanes, France

France – In the Pyrénées Catalanes

It's been a few months, or even years, that we have the idea of crossing the Pyrénées. But we haven't found the time yet to make it on foot. So we'll use our car for this time, with day hikes,…

Lever De Soleil Au Mariette Au Cirque De Navacelles, Larzac, France

France – Wandering in l’Hérault and the Languedoc

There, in the department of l'Hérault, just next to the Parc Naturel Régional du Haut-Languedoc, we've got a base. An old friend owns a mazet. It's a little stone house with only one room, and an semi-underground tank. It was…

Le Vieux Pont De Saint-Chély-du-Tarn

France – In the Gorges du Tarn and up the Causses

Autumn 2018, we worked hard all summer long for our activity of wedding photographers and we felt the need to take a little wandering break. At the same time, we wanted to travel and discover our beautiful France since a…

Lake Gjeshtarës - Peaks Of The Balkans

Peaks of the Balkans – From Vusanje to Theth

This is the last stage of our trek on Peaks of the Balkans. After a wonderful detour in the Grebaje Valley, we jump back on the official track that will lead us back to Theth, where we began this journey.…

Coucher De Soleil Sur La Grebaje Valley Et Les Pics De La Chaîne Des Karanfili

Montenegro – The Grebaje Valley, treasure of the Balkans

The Grebaje Valley is set in the heart of the Prokletije National Park south west of Montenegro, next to the Albanian border. There you can find mountains as emblematic as mount Taljanka and mount Volušnica, but also the majestic Karanfili…

En Arrivant Sur Plav - Peaks Of The Balkans

Peaks of the Balkans – from Babino Polje to Plav

From our point of view, this stage is the easiest of Peaks of the Balkans. We will still have to walk twenty kilometers to reach Plav from Babino Polje, but we will encounter no difficulties. This track is also very…

Entre Milishevc Et Drelaj, Lors D'une éclaircie Dans Le Brouillard - Peaks Of The Balkans

Peaks of the Balkans – From Milishevc to Drelaj

This is the 5th stage of Peaks of the Balkans. Leaving from Milishevc (Kosovo), this stage is supposed to take us through one of the biggest descents of the entire trek. In the morning, the mountains are surrounded by this…

Entre Doberdöl Et Milishevc - Peaks Of The Balkans

Peaks of the balkans – From Doberdöl to Milishevc

After a nice day-off in the valley of Doberdöl, we get back on track, walking towards Milishevc, Kosovo. The track follows a long impressive ridge marking the border with Albania.The sky is full of low fat clouds and a freezing…

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