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Randonnée Dans Les Gorges D'Avakas - Chypre

Cyprus – Hiking in the Avakas Gorge

The southern part of the wonderful Akamas Peninsula located west of Cyprus offers stunning views on dry cliffs, wild empty brown beaches and the deep Avakas gorge at the bottom of which you can find a beautiful hiking trail. We…

Sur Les Hauteurs Du Mont Olympe Dans Le Massif De Troodos, Sur Le Atalanti Nature Trail - Chypre

Cyprus – Troodos : hiking on the Atalanti Nature Trail

The Atalanti Nature Trail is one of the most famous hiking loops on Cyprus island. And it deserves it! Touring the summit of Cyprus highest mountain Mt Olympus (1952m) sitting at the top of Troodos mountain range, the Atalanti Nature…

Les Ruelles De Kato Lefkara - Chypre

Cyprus – Lefkara traditions, arts and crafts

The village of Lefkara is part of the essential places to visit in Cyprus. Sitting inland up the hills between Limassol and Larnaca it is very famous for its artistic needlecraft, lace embroidery and sliversmithing. If you are looking for something…

L'église St Lazarus De Larnaca - Chypre

Cyprus – Larnaca and the Zenobia shipwreck

Larcana is a large city on the coastline of Cyprus, and as any city it's made of concrete and many people lives there. So it is less beautiful than the mountain range of Troodos or the quiet turquoise bays of…

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