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We are a young french couple passionate about travels, gastronomy and photography. We are eager to learn from the world and all the different cultures, stories, landscape and savours it has to offer.
That is why we chose to travel oversea for the first time in 2011. We spent a fabulous unreal year in Australia that changed us for ever… And yet, after this terrific year, 40 000km and three countries visited, we took the decision to come back in France to try to settle down for good, as it was expected from us. But, well, we couldn’t!! The travel bug got us! Two years later we set up and launched our second travel project around New-Zealand. Thanks to this website, we are now able to share our travel experiences with a lot of different people, either to give them a welcomed breathe of adventure after a hard working day at the office or to share with them all the good tips and adress that we collect along the way. Now based in Christchurch, New Zealand, for five months, we are organizing our third long term travel project along the emblematic Mekong River…

If you are interested about our stories or pictures, are willing to help us in any way or simply want to ask a question, feel free to contact us! And of course, you can also follow our adventures on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and share them with your friend!

Quentin :

We have but one life, and it’s far too short to keep any regrets.  So I think you have to live your life at a 100%, and live it for yourself first. Travelling was probaly a life style that was inside me since I was born. I always loved traveling, discovering, learning (but not at school :-D). I love to meet new people, share stories, feed myself with new cultures and capture breathtaking landscape or streetlife moments.

For me, that life style, this liberty which frightened a lot of people, is my oxygen.

  • I’m crazy about music, more precisely blues and rock.
  • I love cooking, discovering new flavors and eat nice meals while drinking a good beer !
  • I love nature and hiking/trekking, that make me feel alive !
  • I hate mushrooms, spiders and needles.
  • Some say that I’m a geek… Well, not that much, really ! :-)

Charlie’s view :

Quentin always has a solution for everything. With him, no panic! He is a very good travelling companion when it comes to socializing. People come naturally to him to make conversation!

Charlie :

To travel through documentaries and books is nice… But to travel for real is a lot better! Being constantly immersed  in the richness offered by new cultures, stunning landscapes and shared experiences. Having all your senses amazed everyday and your curiosity aroused at every novelty encountered… Travelling, for me, is to feel intensely alive! So anytime I get the chance to go wandering somewhere on this beautiful planet, I jump on it!

  • I love walking for long hours in the bush.
  • I love discovering new flavors.
  • I love observing every kind of small animals, furry, scaly or with mandibles (except mosquitoes)
  • Speaking of that, I must say I hate those bloody mosquitoes, this traveler’s nightmare!
  • It seems that I am completely batty but I don’t believe it!

Quentin’s view :

Charlie is always smiling and in a good mood. Like a little cloud blown by the winds, he’s always hovering very far from Earth. Which leads to very comical situations (sometimes to my dismay) and brings me a touch of folly in my life!

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