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Here we are, that’s the end.
No, that’s not the end of the trip, but it’s the end of our trip in the Kiwis country. We spent around 10 months in New Zealand, between travels and jobs, it was a very nice experience…

So, how our New Zealand looks like if we put it in numbers ?

0 – Like 0 kiwis seen ! 🙁
1 – Like 1 country, 1 camera broken, 1 really cute pussy cat dead under the wheels of our car
2 – Like 2 islands, 2 crazy frogs (that us !), 2 months of hitchhiking
3 – Like 3 huge aurora australis seen, 3 trip on a boat
4 – Like 4 volcano summits that we conquered, 4 months spent in Christchurch, 4 earthquakes, 4 yellow eyed pinguins seen
5 – Like the number of nights spent in a hostel since we left Aukland
6 – Like the number of « The Lord Of The Rings movie locations » visited
7 – Dwarves… Hahahahahaha
8 – Like the maximum days spent without taking a shower
9 – Like the number of saucisson (french salami) eaten in 10 months. Not bad !
10 – Like the lowest temperature for a camping night… In minus of course !
20 – Kilos lost for Quentin
35 – Travel diaries shared with you
47 – Kilometers walked in one same trek
80 – Dollars payed as a fine for speeding… Bad !
202 – Gigabytes of pictures
548 – Comments on the website
774 – Followers on Facebook
1350 – Followers on Instagram
2755 – Like the highest altitude we reach by hiking
3000 – Kilometers done on the north island
3700 – Kilometers done by hitchhiking on the south island
200 000 – Possums dead on the side of the road (well, at least that was the impression we had)
Too much – Instant noodles eaten, bites from the sandflies
A lot – Of great memories, good friends, hours spent working on the website

And here is a global idea of the trip we did, drawn by Mariette :

DSC_4429_smallWe’d like to thank all the people who helped us during this trip. Those who invited us, those who gave us a ride during our hitchiking trip, those who shared some food with us, those with whom we share some great time, friends, The Quizz Team, …
And a very special thanks, to Ralph & Shaq, Rebecca & Anton, Marjo & Gill and the team members, Jason & Brent & all the Canterbury Jewellers team, Lee & Beverly, Dan & Rochelle, and last but least Julz & Rocky !

See you soon, from Asia !

Tintin & Riette



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