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A few month ago we decided to spend a long weekend wandering in Venice. The gorgeous millenal city was shivering in the heart of winter. Sometimes shy, draped in a thick coat of mist. Sometimes tearful, drowned under the rain. Sometimes radiant, illuminated by the low rays of a cold sun. No matter the outfits of this sulfurous beauty, it didn’t fail to captivate us, or even better, to bewitch us !
Unchaste, playful, and always sensual despite her age, Venice let herself be portrayed with grace over the days.

These few days spent with a group of friends in Venice were the dreamed occasion for us to capture the famous italian beauty from every angle. But what can we write about it that hasn’t be written yet ? In this article we’ll propose you a new way to share our adventures : pictures, and only pictures ! Maybe just enough to make you dream to wander in these streets, and discover their secrets…

Venice, italian beauty

The Arsenal disctrict

The Arsenal disctrict charmed us so well that we decided to dedicate a whole gallery to it ! It was a real blast ! Most of the tourists are concentrated on the beautiful harbor, forgetting the amazing deserted streets full of drying lines hanging over our heads.

Burano and Murano

Burano and Murano are two islands situated a few kilometers away from Venice. They are accessible with the vaporetto (we bought a day pass). You can easily visit the two islands on a half-day, or spend a full day on them if you like to take your time…
Burano is very small, but its canals, streets and houses with multi-coloured walls are bewitching.
Murano is maybe less eye charming, but has some beauties and nice streets and, most of all, a lot of worldwide famous Murano glass blowing workshops.


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