In Christchurch at the YMCA , you can visit until the 10th of may the Spectrum Street Art Festival, an exhibition displaying the biggest collection of Banksy in the south emisphere, and other international renowned street art artists like Buff Monster, Dcypher, Tilt, Cope2 or Owen Dippie.

Street Art  Spectrum

Through a short circuit of cramped corridors, you’ll be able to enter rooms covered with strange patterns from floor to roof. Art is everywhere ! You can easly spend half an hour looking at every corners of wall and every details. The circuit pass through a thrift shop with a strong street art influence, a half-sprayed half-white living room, or gaffiti projections animated with music!

The visit ends up in a huge room showing 8 giant spray cans placed in front of a 24m long and 6m high wall, on which are massive murals that have been painted  by the 8 major artists of the exhibition.

Beyond the Spectrum exhibition at the YMCA, you can also go wandering in town to look for the numerous murals that have been created on this occasion. An amazing way to discover Christchurch!

T-Shirt Unfolding

At the same time, at the Canterbury Museum, a full room is dedicated to the « T-shirt Unfolding » : an art creation displaying 6000 t-shirts hanging from the roof made of more that 800 color codes, from the classics to the most provocative. A circuit allows you to visit the exhibition like if you were reading a magazine, to learn about the History of the most popular garment in the world, through american, skate and street art cultures, and also commented by french fashion specialists. The visit ends up with a 40-45mn long very interesting documentary projection about this T shaped fabric.

What do we think about it ?

The BEST street art exhibition we visited so far ! The visit is definitely worth the time you spend in, whether you’re a connoisseur or a novice. It can be done quickly or take hours, depending how you want to get into it. And it’s free ! Like the Canterbury Museum entrance ! So, no more excuses, run !

  • Open 7 days from 9:30 to 5:30
  • From 14 february to 10 may – 2015
  • Free admission !
  • YMCA Hereford St
    & Canterbury Museum
  • http://streetart.co.nz/

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