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Autumn 2018, we worked hard all summer long for our activity of wedding photographers and we felt the need to take a little wandering break. At the same time, we wanted to travel and discover our beautiful France since a few months… All right, that’s decided ! We’ll take two months off and travel in south of France !

We packed our camping stuff in the boot of the car and leaved our Normandy, making ourselves one promess : nos highways, no GPS ! We’ve imagined a intinary only on national roads. First step : the Cévennes. From there we’ll head for the Languedoc, then drive further south and cross the Pyrénées from east to west.

We didn’t had any particular project with that little road-trip. Only wandering, beeing in love and enjoy life as much as we can. But still, we wanted to share a few photos. That’s why we’ll make short articles, in the kind of the one we wrote for our long weekend in Venice, with less text and more pictures.

The Gorges du Tarn

Wonderful. Incredible. Super beautiful. One of the best regions of France. That’s what we hear about the Gorges du Tarn since years, but we never had the opportunity to travel in to make our own idea on the question. And what’s better than a nice sunny month of september to discover that natural wonder, deserted by tourists at that time of the year. Every night we found a little piece of nature next to a wood or a field to pitch our tent and open a fresh beer !

Of course, we enjoyed the Tarn river and its gorges during a beautiful day, leaving from Saint-Enimie on a canoe, letting ourselves cruising slowly on the water. From there we enjoyed the magic offered by the reflexion of our world in the aquatic mirror of the Tarn. Green woods, old middle-age villages, stones bridges. Everything create a visual universe, both troubling and fascinating. What a pleasure to be alone in that quiet environment… We also explore villages built along the gorges du Tarn, and hike on the Causse through the forest and the rocky formations of the Arcs de Saint-Pierre

Life is beautiful, isn’t it ?

The Cévennes, through the Causses

The Regional Natural Park of the Grands Causses in the Causses et Cévennes region, has something fascinating and magnetic. First of all because Mariette is telling me, since 15 years, the story of her holidays on the Causse Méjean and on the Causse du Larzac, from « when she was a child ». But also because that region is known to be a paradise of nature and humanity.

We drove and walk across the Causse Méjean in all directions, dicovered the reintroduction center for the Przewalski horses, camped next to forest where deers are slabing, ate delicious local specialities (beers, old flour made breads, charcuteries and cheeses…) and of course hiked in these semi-desert landscapes.
Finally we drove by the quiet little villages of the Causses to reach Le Caylar, checkpoint for our next destination, the Languedoc

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