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En Arrivant Sur Plav - Peaks Of The Balkans

Peaks of the Balkans – from Babino Polje to Plav

From our point of view, this stage is the easiest of Peaks of the Balkans. We will still have to walk twenty kilometers to reach Plav from Babino Polje, but we will encounter no difficulties. This track is also very…

Entre Milishevc Et Drelaj, Lors D'une éclaircie Dans Le Brouillard - Peaks Of The Balkans

Peaks of the Balkans – From Milishevc to Drelaj

This is the 5th stage of Peaks of the Balkans. Leaving from Milishevc (Kosovo), this stage is supposed to take us through one of the biggest descents of the entire trek. In the morning, the mountains are surrounded by this…

Entre Doberdöl Et Milishevc - Peaks Of The Balkans

Peaks of the balkans – From Doberdöl to Milishevc

After a nice day-off in the valley of Doberdöl, we get back on track, walking towards Milishevc, Kosovo. The track follows a long impressive ridge marking the border with Albania.The sky is full of low fat clouds and a freezing…

Doberdöl - Albanie - Peaks Of The Balkans

Peaks of the Balkans – From Çerem to Doberdöl

Third day of trekking on Peaks of the Balkans, going from Çerem to Doberdöl. After a first stage to warm us up and a second tough stage to challenge us, we're now ready to walk over another pass and discover…

Sur Le Col De Prosllopit - Peaks Of The Balkans

Peaks of the Balkans – From Valbona to Çerem

For this second stage of our trek on Peaks of the Balkans, there are two possible ways to reach the little village of Çerem from Valbona. The first one, an easy 11km route, passes along the river on the valley…

Le Col De Valbona, Peaks Of The Balkans, Albanie

Peaks of the Balkans – From Theth to Valbona

Peaks of the Balkans is a 192km long hiking trail passing on the summits of Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro. Easily walked in 10 to 15 days, it takes the hikers in the heart of remote valleys hidden behind snowy passes.…

Château De Vauban, Demeure Du Célèbre Maréchal

France – Morvan NP : nature and french History

We're in mid november 2017. A few month ago we've planned a weekend with our friend Léa who we met in 2014 during our trip in New-Zealand. We just started the restauration/preparation of an old 1995 4WD Land Rover displaying…

Coucher De Soleil Sur Les Gondoles De Venise

Italy – Wandering in Venice

A few month ago we decided to spend a long weekend wandering in Venice. The gorgeous millenal city was shivering in the heart of winter. Sometimes shy, draped in a thick coat of mist. Sometimes tearful, drowned under the rain.…

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